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Terms & Conditions

FUNKYY APPS (FA)  will issue a refund or cancel any services according to the following guidelines:

a. FA will refund you in full if a project has not started within 15 business days of making payment.

b. In the event that incorrect information was provided by you, FA will not refund any partial or full amounts, in the case that a project has commenced and/or has been completed.

c. If you don’t want FA to start the project at all, you can ask for a full refund within 24 hours only after making payment. This applies to all non-business days (For example, if you make a purchase on Friday, you must cancel by Saturday to receive a refund.). However, if you contact FA to cancel a project that has already begun, FA will not be liable for any partial or full refund and the 24 hours clause will not apply.

d. If you sign up for a plan and we feel that we can’t do the project for you at that moment or for any reason at all, then FA will issue you a 100% refund within a maximum of 7-10 working days.

e. If you sign up for a monthly or yearly service and request the service to be cancelled, you must notify FA via E-mail at least 30 calendar days prior to the next billing period.

All project delays, delay in communication, delays in response, delays because of review, not responding to follow up emails, not sending information as requested by CLIENT, will result in additional charges and the project will or can be terminated/suspended, depending on the length of delay. NO REFUND APPLIES TO ALL PROJECT DELAYS DUE TO CLIENT.

A late payment (past due date) will levy 10% of the billed amount with an 18% tax. Failure to comply with payment timelines can result in termination of project. FA reserves the right to charge “CLIENT” for resuming services/activities or handover of data/files as deemed fit by FA.

If you don’t want to continue using any of FA’s services and wish to cancel or have any questions, comments or concerns about our refund and cancellation policy, you may contact us at

*All refunds and cancellation requests must be made in writing. Your request will not be considered valid unless and until you receive a confirmation from us. The confirmation email by us will act as a proof of cancellation of the service(s) subscribed.

FA reserves the right to modify any provisions of the refund and cancellation policy without any notice.

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